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Dr Farman was an undergraduate at the University of Durham, where she studied General Engineering specialising in Electronics and Control. She worked in industry for ten years working on a range of products including gas turbines, earth moving equipment and wave energy turbines. Her work has included most steps of the design cycle from initial concept design through to commissioning and testing. She obtained Chartered status in 2010 from the Institute of Engineering and Technology. While continuing her work in industry she undertook a PhD at Cranfield University. Her PhD research focused on modelling the behaviour of oscillating water columns and developing suitable control strategies for optimal power extraction. She has been a researcher at the Whittle Laboratory, University of Cambridge, since 2015. Her research has included the development of load shedding devices for tidal stream turbines; developing data acquisition systems for rotating machinery; and aero-engine compressor bleed design.

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Improving tidal turbine efficiency using winglets

The cost effectiveness of a tidal stream turbine can be improved by maximising the power extracted for a given rotor diameter. This paper presents a numerical and experimental study showing that winglets could be used to this end. The numerical simulations were conducted using Tornado, a vortex lattice code, which can model the interaction between different spanwise sections unlike Blade Element Momentum methods. Tornado was used to identify the important winglet design parameters such as dihedral angle. Tornado cannot capture viscous effects and so an experimental study was conducted on four designs. These were tested on a small-scale horizontal axis turbine in the Ifremer flume tank. The impact of winglets on the blade spanwise flow was found to have a significant effect on the amount of loss generated. The inviscid code used in this paper could complement existing quasi-3D design tools.


Young, A. , Smyth, A., Bajpai, V., Augarde, R., Farman, J., and Sequeira, C.


In proceedings from the 13th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, Napoli, Italy

Load alleviation technology for extending life in tidal turbines


Young, A., Farman, J., and Miller, R.


In proceedings of the International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore, Lisbon, Portugal

Wireless RF telemetry for rotating frame data acquisition and control

Obtaining measurements in the rotating frame of reference requires either real-time communication between the rotating and stationary frames, or temporary data storage in the rotating frame. Rotating telemetry systems must be low-noise and high-bandwidth, which is hard to achieve using traditional slip-ring arrangements, while using temporary data storage introduces synchronisation issues. In this paper, the use of wireless telemetry for real-time data acquisition is demonstrated for two applications: tidal turbine load control and large-scale turbine pressure measurements.


Farman, J.R.


In proceedings of the XXIII Biannual Symposium on Measuring Techniques in Turbomachinery


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