Dr Slava Sedunin

Research Associate


Viacheslav has eight years’ experience in industrial consulting and engineering in Oil&Gas and Power industries. Was an aerodynamic team leader for several multistage axial compressor designs for industrial gas turbines. Has multiple awards of Technical Excellence including ones at the national level. During his lectureship at the Ural Federal University, Russia, developed and read two academic courses in turbomachinery and physical modelling. He has completed his PhD on spanwise flow measurements in industrial axial compressors in 2023.

Specialises in compressor and fan aerodynamics, turbine testing and performance estimation for gas turbines in operation. Carried research projects on technological centrifugal gas compressors, turbine seals, system integration and risk mitigation.

Currently works in future electric propulsion concepts. physics-based product line development, starting from advanced engineering concepts and low order modelling, followed by advanced computational and experimental techniques.

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